After the heat of public debate under the “Right to Repair” law, Apple agreed to cover the warranty for third-party repairs in Australia. The program introduced as Independent Repair Provider (IRP) and available in many countries.

Apple will cover warranty on third-party repairs in Australia

More than 50% of consumers use iPhone and other Apple products for day-to-day life in Australia. Apple products are expensive to purchase, and getting it fixed too. So people sometimes prefer local repairers for the same reason. But if you get your Apple products repaired outside the official Apple store, it voids the warranty.  And people feel unfair when it comes to repairs cost by Apple authorised service centre. The discussion started long ago about it, and Apple had to take the further step that covers the warranty for third-party repairs.

The Independent Repair Provider (IRP) program introduced first in the USA in 2019. After the successful launch in the USA, Apple expanded the program in Canada and some European countries in 2020. Further on, Apple expands it now in few more countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

How will Apple’s “Independent Repair Provider” program work?

Under the free Independent Repair Provider program, third-party repairers have to join online courses and pass the exams. Once they meet the criteria, they will get a certified repairer badge and access diagnostic tools, instructions, and a genuine parts portal. Of course, third-party repairers have to follow some guidelines to provide services to Apple consumers.

Apple provides a direct link to verify Apple certified third-party repairers, making it easier for the consumer to confirm beforehand. Third-party repairers have to use genuine parts by Apple, which will help to keep the Apple warranty. Also, Apple-certified repairers will get fines for using “non-approved or counterfeit” parts.

The Independent Repair Provider (IRP) will get the training to fix iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. All repairs covered by warranty as only genuine parts used for Macbook, iMac, and other products.

Other factors Apple considered for third-party repairs warranty program:

Apart from training, guidelines and genuine part assurance, Apple took further steps to keep the IRP program at its best.

Apple will provide parts to third-party repairers with serial numbers on them. Once third-party repairers fix the device, it will notify non-genuine parts when the phone switched back on. That will assure the genuine parts used for repairs and valid for warranty by Apple.

Another worthy note is, Apple would like to recycle parts or reuse them wherever possible to avoid E-Waste. You might see refurbished iPhone, iPad or Macs for sale in future by Apple or authorised sellers.

We support the E-Waste program by ACT Government to keep Canberra safe and clean. Please contact us if you are looking to recycle your phone or computer or getting it repaired.